Test & Tagging

Test & Tagging

It is a venue requirement that ALL electrical equipment that comes on site is tested and tagged in accordance with the State Health & Safety Regulations to meet Australian certified standards. This includes mobile phone chargers, laptops chargers, lighting and electrical equipment – see below for further examples

This applies to all contractors working on site and exhibitors who bring in electrical leads and appliances for their stands during exhibitions. It also applies to demo stock which must be tagged with a New to Service tag in order for it to be used on site.

Australian Exhibitors

Below are some examples of electrical equipment which must be tagged and tested before you come on site:

  • Mobile phone chargers
  • Laptop chargers
  • Television power leads
  • Extension cords
  • Power leads for all building equipment including drills, saws and transformers
  • Cooking equipment including microwaves, blenders, juicers and electric fry pans and fridges
  • New or demo stock
  • All lighting
  • Speaker systems

It is the exhibitor and/or stand builders responsibility to ensure all electrical stock is tested and tagged prior to arrival on site. A testing and tagging service will be available onsite for a small quantity of items on each stand. Costs for testing and tagging will be applied to all electrical orders taken. If you require a large quantity of items tested and tagged please notify Moreton Hire so they can make the appropriate resources available.

Testing and tagging is INCLUDED for any exhibitor who has power included in their stand package and is compulsory when power is ordered for your stand.

Otherwise, you will need to order the line item “32702 Compulsory Safety Inspection – Max 10 Items (Required when Power is ordered for your stand to inspect all items to meet Australian standard AS/NZ 3)” through Moreton Hire.

Space only exhibitors must also complete this form as you currently have no inclusions.

To Order Test and Tag from Moreton Hire, please download and complete the form below by Friday 29th July 2022:

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