COVID-19 Important Information

COVID-19 Important Information

Exhibitor and attendee safety always has been, and always will be, our top priority.

We are working in consultation with the venue, suppliers, contractors, and local and state governments to ensure that AWRE 2021 is delivered in a safe and controlled environment, within COVID-19 government guidelines.

It is a condition of entry into the exhibition that every exhibitor, contractor, sub-contractor, supplier and their agents comply with the current NSW Covid Safe restrictions.

We kindly ask that you take note of the Terms & Conditions of Entry below in line with our COVID-Safe Event Plan to ensure a safe and enjoyable show experience for everyone. Please also ensure you have completed the Covid-19 Declaration as part of the compulsory forms.

  1. All attendees (including exhibitors) must register online with accurate contact information including name, contact number and email address, which in addition to being held in a secure database by the Organiser, will assist with contact tracing where required.
  2. Exhibition badges will be issued at registration and must be worn at all times in the exhibition hall. All attendees will be scanned in and out of the exhibition halls to manage venue capacity and assist with contact tracing.
  3. Attendees are to download the Service NSW App prior to attending.
  4. Individuals with symptoms of COVID-19 (including those awaiting a test result), a history of international travel in the 14 days prior to the event or close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the 14 days preceding the event, must remain at home.
  5. Be mindful of maintaining physical distancing of 1.5 metres during the event, including entering and exiting the event. Please abide by barriers, signs, floor markings and verbal announcements to support physical distancing.
  6. Refrain from shaking hands, touching and other forms of physical contact.
  7. All attendees are encouraged to use the handwashing and sanitiser stations provided to ensure good hand hygiene. Cough or sneeze into your arm or tissue and wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds afterwards.
  8. Any individual displaying symptoms of COVID-19 onsite must report to the Organisers Office without delay where event and venue security will be alerted, and the appropriate action taken.
  9. Exhibitors are required to ensure any demonstrations, handling of equipment or distribution of brochures is conducted in a covid safe manner.

It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that their own, and others, health and safety is not put at risk by their actions (or inaction) during the exhibition.

To assist with understanding the regulations currently applicable in NSW (including interstate travel), please visit

Venue Updates

The ICC Sydney have released a comprehensive EventSafe Operating Guide which can be accessed here: 

In particular, please all visitors should read Page 8; On Arrival at the Venue. It is now a requirement for all individuals entering to scan in upon entry via the Service NSW App for contact tracing purposes.

All visitors must also comply with the venue ICC Sydney’s General Conditions of Entry and in particular the updated sections; Special Conditions of Entry During Public Health Emergencies:

To assist with understanding the regulations currently applicable in NSW (including interstate travel), please visit

COVID-Safe practices on your stand

A significant amount of planning has gone into making AWRE 2021, a COVID safe event for everyone involved.  Please check our Safety Guidelines

We also encourage you to implement some COVID-safe practices on your stand. Such as;

  • Create minimal touch points but opting to hand out brochures and giveaway items to visitors as they approach your stand. Rather than having items sitting on counters for people to grab freely.
  • Wipe down / sanitise counters, tables, and high touch surfaces on your stand throughout the day.
  • Provide hand sanitiser on your stand for staff and visitors to use.

Safety Vests

It is a requirement that everyone on site during move in and move out wears a safety vest at all times. Due to COVID restrictions, we can no longer provide safety vests on a loan basis. As such exhibitors and their contractors will be required to bring their own safety vest on site. A limited number of vests will be available to purchase from the Organisers Office during bump in, during the show and bump out.