Competitions & Canvassing


Any competition or trade promotion conducted at or in conjunction with an exhibitor’s stand must obtain a permit to conduct the promotion. Permits can be obtained by visiting and completing the application form. The fee to conduct the promotion depends on the value of the product.

For more information please visit the Fairtrading website.

Conduct & Canvassing

Exhibitors are permitted to have promotional staff on their stand. Exhibitors and promotional staff must not canvass or distribute promotional material other than from their own stand.

Exhibitors must at all times act responsibly and must not, by their actions, cause a nuisance to other Exhibitors or act in a manner that could damage the reputation of the Exhibition or the Organiser or adversely impact the running of the Exhibition.

This includes the presentation and behaviour of promotional staff. For example – promotional staff should be dressed in and behave in a manner reflecting a professional working environment. Please consult with the organisers should you require guidance about this policy.