Loading Dock Access

The AWRE is located in Halls 1 & 2, Lower Level 1, at the ICC Sydney – Exhibition Centre.

The loading dock entrance for Level 1, is located on the Darling Drive  side of the venue, click here to download the loading dock access map. A vehicle inspection check point with a boom gate is located at the bottom of the ramp on Darling Drive where you will be asked which show and hall your stand is located in. The dock operates on a one-way circulation system to maximise efficiency and a unload limit of 20 minutes per vehicle applies. Each exhibition hall can be accessed via a 5.6 metres wide x 4.5 metres high loading dock door.

AWRE is running a scheduled move in and move out for any vehicles requiring access to the loading dock, this includes couriers, stand builders and any parties involved in the set up and pack down of your stand. If you require access to the loading dock for any reason, you must book a time by contacting GEL Events. Failure to book a move in or move out time will result in delays accessing the loading dock.

All exhibitors and contractors please note the following:

  • Access to the loading dock during build up must be booked with GEL Events the official logistics supplier.
  • Parking is not permitted on the loading dock area
  • Hand held items should be delivered from the car park located directly underneath the exhibition bays.
  • No access will be permitted via the loading dock doors during the operational hours of the event.
  • Occupational Health & Safety regulations strictly prohibit children under the age of 15 from being on-site during the move in and move-out periods.
  • Large deliveries can be made through the loading dock, Hall 1. Hall 2 will be used for pedestrian access.
  • Only vehicles over 1.8m high can access the loading dock, all other vehicles will be redirected to the ICC Sydney car park.
  • Vehicles under 1.8m can access the hall from the ICC Sydney Car Park utilising lift 15.


Show Open
During the Show visitors and exhibitors will have access to the exhibition via the front doors of the exhibition halls. Exhibitors can enter up to two hours prior to show opening. Public car parking is located under the halls and can be access via Darling Drive.